Mosaic Counseling Centers of East Texas exist to build a healthier community by uniting mind, body, and spirit through therapy, education, and research, honoring individual beliefs and practices.


The Mosaic Counseling Center adheres to the belief that there is a close relationship of mind, body, and spirit, and that optimal health care involves consideration of all three. The Clinical Staff are certified and/or state licensed in their professional disciplines. In addition to maintaining these clinical standards, the counselors will also be trained and supervised to help clients build upon their faith resources when appropriate. The Center is a non-profit and as such will be able to provide services to many in the community who would otherwise not be able to afford counseling.

An important element for an excellent non-profit organization is accountability. Mosaic Counseling Center has an active Board of Directors.

In addition, Mosaic is nationally accredited with the Solihten Institute (formerly called the Samaritan Institute.) In hundreds of Solihten/Samaritan counseling centers across the country, communities are served by trained and accredited counselors. Mosaic Counseling Center will maintain accreditation by meeting the high standards of care that the Solihten Institute requires from their affiliates.


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