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Come be a part of Tyler’s first Mindfulness Triathlon! This is not your typical triathlon! We created an event that will be fun for your mind, body, and soul. The race begins with a 2 mile walk/run, transitions into a 45 minute yoga session by BeFree Yoga and finishes with a 20 minute meditation. After the race, enjoy a True Vine Beer on us and check out the amazing local vendors promoting health and wellness in Tyler.


Why a Mindfulness Triathlon?

The Mindfulness Triathlon is designed to promote health, wellness, and healing by exploring alternative holistic treatments for anxiety and depression disorders. Running, yoga, and meditation are among the most popular natural treatments for depression and anxiety. Healing of the mind, body, and soul can be experienced through these practices.

Our event will raise awareness and help destigmatize anxiety, depression and other mental health illnesses. We will to stand in solidarity with those in our community who may be suffering from these conditions. This race will encourage those suffering to explore the concept of complimentary and alternative treatments. These mountains of anxiety and depression are difficult to face alone. Our Mindfulness Triathlon will be a day where the community will come together to help move these mountains in hope of a brighter future.

Pre-race packet pick up at True Vine Friday Oct 26th 6-8pm*
Race Day packet pick up and Race Day Registration will be inside True Vine from 7:00-7:45AM*

*Each athlete must pick up his or her own packet, no exceptions

7:00 Yoga mat set up OPENS (Transition area under Pavilion) ***Bring your own mat***
7:30 Yoga mat set up CLOSES
7:45 Race meeting for all participants
8:00 Welcome
8:10 Samaritan Counseling Center talk on Mindfulness
8:20 Invocation and National Anthem
8:30 RACE STARTS Run/Walk 2 mile
9:15 Yoga under Pavilion led by BeFree Yoga
10:00 AM Meditation by Scott Martin from East Texas Stress Reduction Clinic
10:30 Vendor booths open
12:00 PM Event Closes

o The race course has two main areas: a 2-mile run/walk route along Earl Campbell Parkway and around the Pavilion area where we will have our yoga and mediation session. The Pavilion is where you will place your mat to designate you spot before the
race and where you will end the race after the meditation session. You will have time before the race to lay out your yoga mat in your desired spot under the Pavilion. After the run, you will complete both the yoga and meditation in the Pavilion area.
o The run/walk will begin at 8:30am. The entire run course is on Earl Campbell Parkway
1. Turn left out of True Vine’s South Entrance onto Earl Campbell Parkway and go East towards Old Noonday Road.
2. Make a U-Turn at Old Noonday Road and head West, back down Earl Campbell Parkway towards South Bennett Avenue.
3. Make a U-Turn at South Bennett Avenue and head back towards the True Vine South entrance.
4. Run up the entrance and turn left into the Pavilion area.
You will have 45 minutes to complete the run/walk.
o The second part of the triathlon will begin at 9:15am with a 45 minute Yoga session by beFree Yoga in the Pavilion area.
o When the Yoga session ends, you will remain on your mat and transition into the meditation phase of the race. Scott Martin from East Texas Stress Reduction Clinic will guide us through the meditation.
o The triathlon will end after the mediation session and you are free to visit the vendor booths and grab your complimentary drink inside the brewery.

There will be one hydration station at the corner of South Bennett Avenue and Earl Campbell Parkway for the run portion of the event. Water will be available as you enter the Pavilion area
as well after the run and before the yoga session begins.
Speaking of hydration, you will be able to pick up your beer glass from behind the Tap Room counter inside the Brewery after the race. Simply walk up to the bar counter and show your
wristband. Your wristband will be marked indicating that you received your complimentary drink
and beer glass.

>>21 & up receive a BLUE wrist bands and ONE beer<<
>>21 & under receive a YELLOW wrist band and ONE lemonade or root beer<<

With the laid-back nature of this triathlon, all you need is your running shoes and yoga mat. You will have time before the race to lay out your yoga mat in your desired spot under the Pavilion.
After the run, you will complete both the yoga and meditation in the Pavilion area.

The main parking lot for True Vine is the South entrance off of Earl Campbell Parkway. This parking lot holds 100+ vehicles. On race day, there will be cones blocking off a portion of the main entrance into True Vine to designate the running area of our race. The gravel portion will be available to park in as long as you are not blocking the running path or the ability for other cars to maneuver in and out of the parking lot.

>>All vendors will have designated parking on John Carney Drive (North Entrance) so they can have access to the booth area.<<

We will have several vendors with tents in the concrete parking area of True Vine. This area will be blocked off and no parking or traffic through the two entrances (South to North and vice versa) will be allowed. This entire area will be used for our vendors’ tents and for our race participants to visit after the race. For safety and logistical purposes, please make note of this when looking for a parking spot.

We are excited to have a number of local sponsors available to you after the race. These businesses and organizations are strong advocates for health, wellness and wholeness in our community. They share our vision to elevate hope and healing by actively providing resources to those who may be suffering in their journey. This will be a wonderful time to network and explore the amazing resources we have in Tyler. The following sponsors for our event are:

– True Vine Brewing Company

– AVCO Roofing

– East Texas Stress Reduction Clinic
– The Zen Den
– Orange Theory
– Cork
– Integrative Health Matters
– Crown Civil Construction
– Hembree Chiropractic

– WorkHub
– MyMD Select
– I Love Kickboxing
– East Texas Nurse Practitioner Association
– Spectrum Laser Aesthetics

– beFree Yoga
– Sola Bread Co
– Doxology Coffee Co
– Moon Rivers Naturals
– StudioB
– Tyler Rock Gym
– Edge Performance
– Fly Tri Racing
– Chick-fil-A
– Juice Plus
– Mary’s Reflexology & Trinity Healing
– Smoothie King
– Fit City Tyler
– Samaritan Counseling of East Texas
– We Help Two

Beneficiary organization:
Bethesda Health Clinic is a Christ-centered ministry with a mission to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare to the working uninsured and underinsured of East Texas. Since 2003, Bethesda has been serving patients between the ages of 18-64. Their services include primary medical and dental, diabetes management, gynecology, chronic disease treatment and mental health. Over the past year, Bethesda has partnered with UT Southwestern in Dallas to incorporate a Vital Sign 6 program to diagnose and treat depression. Bethesda’s vision is to serve and honor Christ by inspiring our neighbors to live an abundant life, a life that is healthy in mind, body and spirit, a life that is meaningful, purposeful, joyful and eternal. Learn more at www.bethesdaclinic.org.