Grief Trauma and Loss

We are often unexpectedly hit with darkness and pain that linger in life in which we are not fully equipped to deal with on our own.  Grief and Loss do not strictly refer to the death of a loved one, but can also refer to times of transition when we mourn the loss and grief of a relationship (romantic or not), an idea, a belief, stage in life, or other hardship.  Trauma is defined as a time when there is real or perceived threat or harm to the well-being of oneself.  This can mean enduring abuse, a natural disaster (tornado, fire), war, witness of a traumatic event, or learning about a traumatic event of a loved one.  The effects of grief, trauma, and loss can vary greatly from person to person in many aspects.  Most likely, one aspect remains the same for each person in that they feel they do not know how to heal from the event and other aspects of their lives have begun to suffer.

If you are at a point where you do not know how to move forward or do not think you can move forward, there is help for you.

Counseling can be an opportunity to openly mourn and allow yourself to explore the depth of your emotions in a safe place.  After grief, trauma, or loss life can feel unsafe, but counseling is a place to begin to feel safe again and begin to deal with the painful feelings and events of your life.  When grief, trauma, or loss are present it can often feel as if it defines who you are, but counseling can help the grief, trauma, or loss to become something that you endured and went through and no longer define you and encompass your entire world.

If you are dealing with grief, trauma, or loss don’t hesitate to access the help of a professional by calling us at 903-593-9141.  As professional counselors, we have specific training dealing with the aftermath of grief, trauma, and loss and can help you walk through the healing process to a place of wholeness and safety.